Why I Started Charging For Recital Tickets

Why I Started Charging For Recital Tickets

Why I Started Charging for Recital Tickets

My studio hosts two recitals a year: One Christmas Recital, and an End-of-Year Recital (typically split into two smaller recitals).

Unlike the End-Of-Year Recital, our Annual Christmas Recital is a relaxed, holiday-music-only, non-memorized, recital where all of my students from the studio play one song each. It creates an opportunity for no-pressure environment where everyone is together under one roof (unlike the split recitals) and a great kick-off to the Holiday season.
So why did I start charging for tickets?

The way I charge for tickets in the studio is as follows: The student and their immediate family get tickets free of charge, while any additional guest is charged a small fee of $2. 

I only began charging for tickets in my 3rd Year teaching, and it has been a huge help for three great reasons.
#1. I number the tickets so once all tickets are handed out throughout the weeks leading up to recital, it gives me a rough number of minimum attendees (and how many desserts to order).
#2. Each little $2 ticket helps cover the costs of the recital, reception, programs, etc. – which we know as piano teachers, is not cheap.
#3. It guarantees an official and early RSVP from my students.

I make my own Recital Tickets from a Business Card Microsoft Template. Printed on Cardstock paper, numbered, and signed – usually all done in front of a good show on Netflix.

After a lot of trial and error with recital hosting – nothing too crazy other than that time I promised to provide pizza for 80+ people for free – it came to my attention that as a teacher, hosting recitals can get pricey.

Here are my typical recital costs (let’s go with Christmas Recital):
Around 35 students performing Holiday Music
– Venue: $225
– Programs: $60
– Reception Desserts, Coffee, Drinks, Snacks: $90
– Additional Costs (last minute things such as printed posters, Holiday Decor, table covers, plates/napkins, coffee cups, cream and sugar..): $50
      =  Total Cost: $425

That does not include if I need to re-print the programs due to errors, or I need to hire someone for sound, or purchase small gift cards for those student helpers who help out at the recital, etc.

With the little help of these recital tickets, it allows me to budget for nicer and healthier desserts, fancier programs, photo-ops for the students, etc. It is even nicer to know that the little help came from those who attend to support students and the studio as a whole.

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